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Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision

As a Supplementary School, our vision is to create a safe environment where all students regardless of any connections that might have with Greece or Cyprus can learn our native language, explore the Greek & Cypriot culture and broaden their minds. Every single student is empowered to thrive and grow educationally and socially by qualified teachers, personalised learning plans, tailored activities and exercises, practicing all four communication areas (listening, reading, speaking and writing) at every lesson and a continuously improving School. 

Our Values

Our values underpin all that we do at the Greek School of Manchester. We teach our values explicitly and celebrate them at all times. 

Be good and do good
For a Greek, philotimo is a way of life and the highest of all Greek virtues. Our students are at an age that they need to set their role models and develop their personality. We have carefully chosen this value as walking down the right path is of paramount importance.

Help others
Motivating our children to go out of their way to help others equips them with a sense of social responsibility. Also, they know how they can help themselves when they have to face a challenge by building resilience.

Respect and be respected
Nothing can be achieved without mutual respect. It conveys a sense of commitment for good or valuable qualities which we constantly try to cultivate in our School's environment.

Stay motivated
Learning a language, especially a highly inflected one such as Greek, is not an easy task and results may come after a considerable amount of time. We encourage our students to be persistent, motivated and focused to their individual learning goals.

Value all opinions and unique characteristics 
We aim to help our students find the common areas that they share with each other and build positive relationships based on these areas rather than try to find the differences and exclude themselves. We strictly follow a zero tolerance approach to bullying, racism, discrimination, victimisation and offensive language.

Promote positive behaviours and honourable morals

We are nurturing the future generations by developing their character based on everlasting Greek values such as philotimia, compassion, respect, persistence and tolerance. We strongly believe that the whole family is part of our School and that by working together, inspiring, great outcomes can be achieved.

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