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At Greek School of Manchester we value each student and aim to build relationships of trust and mutual respect, where all students are encouraged to actively take part in the shaping of our School. We aim to offer a safe, fair and happy learning environment as we believe students have the right to be listened to and engaged.

For children and young people in particular, we believe that they play a key part in developing a culture in our School where they all have a voice and have the opportunity to influence decisions that affect their learning and well-being, as set out in Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Our ambition is to create an inclusive School where everyone feels welcomed, respected and valued. There are no admissions criteria.

Our students:

- are from various socio-economic backgrounds and of a wide age range, we welcome all children and adult students

- have an appreciation of the Greek language and culture

- strive to learn and do their best to achieve their goals

- were born in Greece, Cyprus, United Kingdom or any other country

- don’t necessarily have prior knowledge of the Greek language and culture

- have one, both or none of their parents with Greek or Cypriot origin

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