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Greek School of Manchester pledges to ensure that the individuals forming its team of staff each school year will be committed to the vision, success and progress of the School. A vast array of specialisms and unquestionable commitment ensures that Greek School of Manchester provides the best possible service for all our students, parents and guardians and the local community.

Our highly qualified, experienced and motivated staff will be continually supported and receive a high level of ongoing training. As such, they will deliver all aspects of the School’s curriculum tailored to each student’s individual needs.

Our staff will be committed to developing a holistic student experience through a variety of teaching and learning opportunities, clearly defined boundaries of acceptable behaviour and the encouragement of each student to aspire to achieve their potential.

Nursery & Adults

Mrs Konstantina Charlavani

Mrs Charlavani studied Greek Philology and has been teaching Greek to native and non-native speakers of all ages for the past fifteen years. She has also received specialist training and has been working with children who have special educational needs as well as emotional and behavioural difficulties associated with learning. She feels particularly enthusiastic about flaring children’s imagination and has written two children’s books in Greek (available online through Mrs Charlavani considers imagination, creativity and play essential tools in the learning process and has always tried to incorporate these in her lessons in fun and innovative ways that feed into her students’ interests. 

Mrs Charlavani is thrilled to have joined the Greek School of Manchester as teacher of our nursery and adult groups. She is looking forward to working with students from a wide variety of backgrounds who all share the same love for the Greek language, and she is very keen to explore new ways of effective, and enjoyable, teaching and learning. 


Mrs Chrysa Skoufou

Mrs Skoufou holds a degree in Early Childhood Education (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) and has been teaching Greek to nursery and primary school students. Mrs Skoufou believes imagination and creativity are key elements in the teaching and learning process and she always enriches her classes with arts and crafts, reading and acting out fairy tales, and readings of Greek literature. 

Mrs Skoufou is very happy to have joined the teaching team of the Greek School of Manchester as teacher of our A1 group. She is looking forward to sharing her unfailing love of Greek language and making children understand how studying history and culture is an integral part of learning the Greek language and immersing oneself into the Greek values and way of life.


Ms Sofia Katsigianni

Ms Katsigianni is a primary school teacher (QTS). Sha holds a BA in Education and Early Child-hood Studies (University of Patras) as well as a BA in Psychology (MMU). She specialises in child psychology and dyslexia, and has additionally undertaken specialist training in teaching English as a foreign language. She has been teaching Greek for several years and currently works as a Teach-ing Assistant and Cover Supervisor in primary and secondary state schools.

Ms Katsigianni is thrilled to have joined the Greek School of Manchester as teacher of our A2 group. She feels extremely passionate about teaching Greek as a second/foreign language and is dedicated to transmitting her love of Greek language and civilisation to her students. She believes that language learning, and Greek language learning in particular, significantly contributes to im-proving memory skills and problem solving skills as well as cognitive thinking.


Mr Iraklis Lampadariou

Mr Iraklis Lampadariou is a Greek Teacher (BA Greek Philology, QTS, CELTA, MCIL CL). He has taught Modern Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin in various schools in Greece, Slovakia and the UK. In the past few years he has dedicated his career to promoting the study of Greek as a second/foreign language and to designing educational resources specifically aimed at secondary school pupils studying for Modern Greek GCSE. Mr Lampadariou is the founder of Speak Greek, Saita Publications and Discimus, a platform with hundreds of free resources for teaching Latin. He is also one of the founding members of the initiative for teaching the Greek language in the United Kingdom as well as the author of a number of books aimed at GCSE students, children, parents and teachers. His online house hosts more detailed information about the multifaceted activities he is involved in. 

Mr Lampadariou is delighted to have joined the Greek School of Manchester as teacher of our B1 and B2 groups. He is committed to using a variety of delivery techniques and resources in order to tailor teaching to the needs of each student and make lessons fun and challenging. History and culture have always occupied a central place in his teaching philosophy and aided him in keeping students motivated and spreading the love for Greek language. 


Ms Maria Pavlakou

Ms Pavlakou holds a degree in Greek Language and Linguistics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and a Master's in Comparative Linguistics and Language Variation (distinction) from the University of Patras. She has participated in research projects on Modern Greek dialects and has taught Modern Greek, Classical Greek and Latin in various contexts. Ms Pavlakou loves languages and has a passion for teaching Greek as a foreign language. She has recently completed the recognised teacher training programme "Routes in teaching Modern Greek as a second/foreign language", offered by the Centre for the Greek Language in Thessaloniki.

Ms Pavlakou is very excited to have joined the Greek School of Manchester as teacher of the adult class. She looks forward to creating a safe and engaging learning environment where students can learn to communicate in Greek.

Volunteers (in alphabetical order)

Ms Niki Agathangelidou

Ms Agathangelidou is a Greek Teacher. She studied Greek Philology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and has taught Modern Greek language, literature and history as well as Ancient Greek and Latin in Greece. For the past year she has been teaching Greek as a second/foreign language abroad. Ms Agathangelidou has, additionally, experience in teaching children with special educational needs. She is extremely excited to have joined our teaching team as volunteer Teaching Assistant and she is committed to creating a rich learning environment aiming to challenge students, improve their performance and enable them to fulfill their true potential. 

Ms Christiana Gianni

Ms Gianni is a Greek teacher (QTS) and holds a BA in Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology (University of Athens) and an MA in Childhood Studies (University of Leeds). She taught Modern and Ancient Greek as well as English in Greece and the UK, and has also been working as a Supply Teacher/Teaching Assistant (English, Religious Education, Music, Drama Studies) as well as Exam Invigilator for primary and secondary state schools. Ms Gianni is, in addition, currently working for the charity organisation ‘Great Minds Together’ where she mentors and supports children with special educational needs (SEN) and social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH) and their families. 

Ms Gianni is looking forward to working together with her colleagues at the Greek School of Manchester as volunteer Teaching Assistant in order to provide students with an exciting and rich learning experience, tailored to their individual needs and interests. 

Ms Gianna Moussa

Ms Gianna Moussa is a Greek Teacher who studied History and Archaeology at the University of Crete. She is currently working as Teaching Assistant in a secondary school in York. Ms Moussa has worked in Greece as a Tutor of Modern and Ancient Greek language and literature, Greek history and Latin for over 15 years. 

Ms Moussa firmly believes that developing rapport with the students is key to the teaching and learning process, as is empathy and sensitivity towards each student’s needs and requirements. 

Ms Moussa is excited to have joined the Greek School of Manchester as a volunteer  Teaching Assistant and is very much looking forward to sharing her passion and enthusiasm for Greek language and culture with the students and helping them fulfil their full potential.

Ms Eleni Vasileiadou

Ms Vasileiadou is a Greek Teacher with passion for personal development, awarded with Q.T.S recognition in England, who studied History and Archaeology at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She taught the Ancient and Modern Greek Language, as well as History and Culture, while engaging private lessons at home to junior high-school students. Ms Vasileiadou is currently working with teaching agencies around Manchester. She is very excited to have joined as Volunteer Teaching Assistant the Greek School of Manchester and she is eager to help the students learn while using individual learning styles and teaching methods according to each student's needs to fulfil their potential.

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