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Ms Evangelia Letsiou

Ms Letsiou holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology from the National Kapodistrian University of Athens and an MEd in Psychology of Education from the University of Manchester. She is a Qualified Teacher (QTS) and specialises in special education and school-based intervention. She has previous work experience as a Greek language teacher and an educational mentor both in Greece and England. Ms Letsiou loves teaching and has been trained to teach Greek as a second/foreign language by the University of the Aegean in order to support students learning the Greek language or prepare them to take the "Ellinomatheia" exams.

She believes that learning an additional language can help people understand the history and culture of this country and a better understanding can lead to greater empathy, flexibility and critical thinking as a second language expands our horizons.

Ms Letsiou feels very proud to be the Headteacher of the Greek School of Manchester and her vision is to create a positive environment and curriculum worth coming to school by building trusting relationships where everyone can thrive, and students can unlock their full potential.

Ms Letsiou can be reached by email at:

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