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Greek School of Manchester operates as a Charitable Incorporated Association. As such, all income and revenue will be used with the sole aim to advance the School’s educational and cultural objectives, at the core of which is the community that it has set out to serve.

For that reason, the cost of school fees for enrollment at Greek School of Manchester will depend upon the number of students that have registered in each school year. In order to achieve its maximum potential, the School prices for the School Year 2020-21 will be (per hour):
Nursery - £7
A1 Level - £7
All the other levels - £6

For adult classes, the cost will be £12 per 1.5 hour class.

A 10% discount will apply to families with more than one registered child. 

There is no registration fee for students to attend Greek School of Manchester.

Payment of school fees will be made directly into the School’s Bank Account and can only be made in two ways:
- monthly via Direct Debit / Standing Order
- quarterly via Direct Debit / Standing Order / cheque

School fees do not include any costs for additional curriculum contributions towards school trips, excursions and off-site visits.

A full term’s fee will be applicable in accordance with Greek School of Manchester Finance & Procedures policy in the circumstances where a student is being withdrawn from the School prematurely and without proper notice, or due to continuous poor attendance.

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