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Join our Greek Running Club 'Spyros Louis'

The Greek School of Manchester inaugurates its extra-curricular activities with the Greek Running club 'Spyros Louis', inviting anyone over 10 years old to join. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to make new friends and practise their Greek, to relax enjoying Manchester’s lovely green parks, and, ultimately, to improve their physical condition. The School recognises the importance of embracing physical exercise as an active and healthy way of living. The goal of this club is therefore to motivate both the students of the School and the local community to lead an improved and healthier lifestyle.

The club will run on the last Sunday of each month from October 2020 until June 2021 between 12.00-13.00. It will be taking place in various parks across Greater Manchester and will offer to all its members the unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of running that include:
- building strong bones
- strengthening muscles
- improving cardiovascular fitness
- maintaining a healthy weight.

How to join?
Everyone is welcome to join! All students of the Greek School of Manchester can join for free. For anyone else who wishes to join there will be a £2 fee per session. If you are interested in joining our running club, please send us an email the following address:

Who was Spyros Louis?
Spyros Louis was a Greek water-carrier who won the first modern-day Olympic marathon at the 1896 Summer Olympics.

Meet the trainers
Our trainers are Mr Lamprinos (Lampros) Raskopoulos, who is responsible for the adults running group, and Mr Iraklis Lampadariou (Deputy Headteacher of the Greek School of Manchester & Teacher of the GCSE class), who is responsible for the children and teenagers running group.

Mr Lamprinos (Lampros) Raskopoulos
Key info
Member of the Gymnastics Club Iraklis, Thessaloniki, Greece
400m in 48.70
800m in 1.52
10K in 37 mins

Mr Iraklis Lampadariou, Deputy Headteacher of the Greek School of Manchester & Teacher of the GCSE class
Key info
Completed the Couch25K plan from NHS and the 10K course
Completed the following online courses from Runningversity: Walk before you run,
How to breath while running, How to avoid running injuries
10K in 1.07

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